Perfect For Easing Muscle Tension

Deep Tissue Massage.

Whether it may be strains, stiffness, knots or injury, our deep tissue massage uses slow, firm movements to release tension deep in your muscles.

Create A Bespoke Treatment Plan

Should you require several sessions to recover from an injury, we can work with you to put together a tailored treatment plan.

Using Proven, Specialist Techniques

Target & Recover Problematic Areas

For those who are seeking a firmer technique which works deep into the many layers of tissue, our deep tissue massage is ideal. As well as using the hands and fingertips to ease tension, the elbow and forearm are also used to apply pressure to problematic areas of the body. This makes the deep tissue massage a sought-after choice for those hoping to treat specific issues which are impacting their quality of life, such as continuous pain on the muscles or tendons.

Aiding Your Recovery

What Can A Deep Tissue Massage Help With?

Although it is vital always to consult a doctor before using massage therapy to aid a condition, a deep tissue massage can work towards improving pain management. Your KLR Massage therapist will always spend time understanding your areas of discomfort before tailoring the treatment to target ongoing problems. In many cases, clients are referred to us by their GP, so we ask you to bring along as much information as possible to ensure we can accommodate your recovery.

Just some of the issues that deep tissue massage can help with include:

Sports Rehabilitation

As the deep tissue massage encourages a healthy blood flow, more oxygen will travel towards the tissue, helping towards injury rehabilitation.

Chronic Back Pain

It has been thought that deep tissue massages can help to manage chronic back pain, leading to a higher quality of life.

Ongoing Upper Body Pain

Through first reducing pain before encouraging movement, you can increase the flexibility of your upper body and ease shoulder and neck problems, common amongst those in office-based roles.

More About The Techniques Used

What To Expect During The Deep Tissue Massage

During your deep tissue massage, your massage therapist will begin by using gentler movements with a lighter pressure to warm up the muscles. Once prepared, two different techniques will be used to restore muscle strength. The first will involve gliding a deep pressure along the muscle fibres, and the second will work towards applying pressure on the grain of the muscle. It is likely that you will be asked to take deep breaths during particular stages of your massage, which will prepare the body before working on areas of tension.

What Our Wonderful Clients Say

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Couldn’t thank KLR Massage more!

"I went to KLR Massage every few weeks while recovering from a football injury and honestly couldn’t be more grateful. The team were always really friendly, and while some sessions did hurt, they tried their best to make sure I was comfortable throughout. Would definitely recommend to anyone!"