Using Ancient Techniques

Thai Foot Massage

A revitalising leg and foot massage with aromatherapy oil, designed to use pressure and reflexology point therapy to release positive energy and reduce stress.

Focus On Particular Areas Of Discomfort

Thai Foot Massage To Detox The Body

Each foot features a set of reflexology points which correlates to different areas of the body, such as the organs or bone systems. During a Thai foot massage, these points are targeted, along with the energy lines, to promote healthy circulation, increase organ performance and detox the entire body. Your KLR Massage therapist will focus on one foot at a time using aromatherapy oil, while the other is wrapped tightly in a warm towel, to ensure that any particular problem areas you are experiencing can be targeted. This is a fantastic treatment choice for those who spend almost all of their day on their feet as it can help towards preventing long term issues.