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Upper Body Massage

Whether you hope to tackle muscle tension, pain and stiffness or simply want to enter a deep state of relaxation, our upper body massage can aid muscle health while rebalancing your energies.

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Release Muscle Tension With A Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Through fusing an array of calming massage techniques with firmer movements to tackle tension, a back, neck and shoulder massage comes alongside a wealth of benefits. Acupressure, in particular, is used to target the trigger points, breaking down any knots and kickstarting the body’s natural healing process. As a result, your body will naturally increase blood flow, delivering oxygen and nutrient-packed goodness to your muscles.

We would always recommend scheduling your upper body massage for a day where you can go home, sit back and relax afterwards with no other commitments. This will allow you to feel the full benefits of the massage, helping your body to flush out any toxins and enjoying complete tranquillity.

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Who Is The Upper Body Massage Beneficial For?

The upper body massage proves incredibly relaxing and detoxing for everyone; however, would most definitely be beneficial for those who are experiencing muscular tension, commonly down to sitting at a desk all day. It focuses on releasing any knots across the shoulders and upper back, allowing you to improve posture, as well as circulation and blood flow.

As well as soothing muscle pain, an upper body massage is also a fantastic option if you are in need of well-deserved pampering, yet are short for time. The massage only focuses on particular areas of the body, meaning that it is possible to book 30-minute slots while still enjoying ample relaxation, helping you to destress.

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"After struggling with muscle pain across the back of my neck from being on the computer all day, I decided to book in for an upper body massage. I spoke with KLR Massage, and my treatment was tailored to get rid of any knots, which I thought would hurt, but it didn’t at all. I left feeling a million times better and so relaxed!"