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Swedish Massage

As the perfect solution for those feeling stressed or overworked, our Swedish massage calms the mind, body and spirit, while releasing tight muscles.

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Designed To Relax & Energise

Otherwise known as the classic massage, a Swedish massage combines several techniques to restore health and rebalance the nervous systems, focusing on the whole body as opposed to particular areas. It is ideal for complete relaxation, using alternating pressure to encourage the body to unwind. If you are experiencing muscular strain across the neck and shoulders, for example, then extra pressure can be used on these areas to soothe the body from the inside out.

Due to the gliding motions used, a Swedish massage can also help to improve the blood circulation, filling your body with nutrient-rich oxygen and therefore, making you feel instantly revitalised. In return, your body will be encouraged to flush out all of the toxins, naturally detoxing itself and boosting energy levels.

Designed To Promote Complete Relaxation

Techniques Used During A Swedish Massage

During a Swedish massage, your KLR Massage therapist will use several techniques to maximise relaxation and release any tension built up within the body. This includes the following four key motions:


Used to thoroughly relax the soft tissue, effleurage involves slow, gliding movements.


To apply more pressure to problem areas, the kneading, rolling petrissage methods will be used.


Using the fingers, edges of the hand or cupped hands, tapotement refers to quick, alternating tapping.


Should you be recovering from an injury or experiencing muscle pain, deep, circular movements will be used.

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"I was feeling super stressed, so my friend treated me to a Swedish massage for my birthday. I’d never had a massage before so was feeling a little apprehensive, but there was absolutely no need to be, the team at KLR Massage were so lovely, and I felt so comfortable. My massage was so relaxing, and I felt like a new person afterwards!"