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Hot Stone Massage

Ideal for soothing aches and pains while promoting deep relaxation, our hot stone massage is designed to naturally detox and heal the body from the inside out.

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Using Proven, Ancient Techniques

What Is A Hot Stone Massage?

Having been used to heal ailments for thousands of years, the hot stone massage uses smooth, flat and heated basalt stones to thoroughly relax the muscles. Your KLR Massage therapist will prepare the muscles before placing the stones along the key acupressure points on the body, including the back and legs. Hot stones are a fantastic way to promote relaxation across many areas of the body. This means that depending on your areas of tension, stones can be placed not only along the spine but also in the palms of your hand, on the abdomen and between the toes.

Once the stones begin to ease muscle tension, your therapist can then begin to use techniques that involve more pressure and essential oils, both with and without the stones. When using the stones, these will be glided across the body in long motions and circular movements, before they are tapped on one another to send vibrations vertically through the body. In return, not only will a hot stone massage soothe any areas of tension but also rebalance the mind and body’s energy.

Unwind The Body & Clear The Mind

What Are The Benefits?

Using natural methods of healing and revitalising the body is becoming more popular than ever, and the hot stone massage is no different. There are a host of benefits which comes alongside booking in a treatment, including the following, just to name a few:

Reduces Stress

Whether you suffer from anxiety or are feeling particularly stressed, a hot stone massage is a fantastic way to unwind, helping you to feel instantly rebalanced.

Relieves Tension

Through preparing the muscles with heat before targeting tension, you can ease any stiffness in the muscles while encouraging healthy blood flow through the body.

Promotes Sleep

Any massage is ideal for helping you to reach a more relaxed state, helping you to drift into a deeper sleep, so be sure to book in for a day where you can go home to unwind straight afterwards!

Improves Circulation

During a hot stone massage, your blood vessel will expand, which will allow more oxygen to reach the muscles and therefore, remove toxins from the bloodstream.

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"A hot stone massage is my favourite, and I love to treat myself every few months. After having a bad experience with an unpleasant massage therapist in the past, I booked in with KLR Massage and couldn’t have been happier with my overall experience. The team were so lovely and made you feel welcomed, and the treatment was definitely the best I have been to!"